Why service your vehicle?

Servicing your vehicle is about preventative maintenance. Fixing problems in your vehicle after something has broken down is generally more expensive and inconvenient than regularly servicing it. We recommend a full service every 10,000km or once a year to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

What’s involved in our full service?

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1. Engine oil and filter are changed

Oil lubricates almost every other component in the engine.

2. All fluids are checked and topped up

This includes coolant, transmission (gearbox) oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windscreen washer water.

3. Tyres are checked and adjusted

Adjusting your tyre pressure and/or rotating your tyres helps to ensure the tread wears more evenly.

4. Brake condition is assessed

Assessing the condition of brake pads and rotors as well as drums and shoes (if relevant). Your braking system is a critical safety element, so regular maintenance is important to avoid accidents.

5. Steering and suspension is checked

This includes looking at your tie-rod ends, ball joints, bushes, CV joints, springs, and shock absorbers.

6. Engine components are checked

This includes looking at your spark plugs, belts and the air filter to ensure that your engine is running as efficiently as possible.

7. Inspect cabin filter and air compressor

Inspecting the cabin filter, which stops dust, leaves and dirt from getting into the interior of the vehicle and the heating system. The air compressor belt will also be checked if the vehicle has air conditioning.


Substandard tyres, brakes, suspension and/or steering results in poor handling which compromises your safety and fuel efficiency. If your engine is not running well your fuel and oil use may be higher than ideal.

If any maintenance is recommended after the checks in steps 3-7, we will discuss this with you before any work is undertaken.

It is important to us that you are fully informed about what is happening with your vehicle.

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We have courtesy cars. Check with us for availability.

Make a booking or get in touch!

We have courtesy cars. Check with us for availability.

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